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(a response to an old friend who asked me about the way I think and speak. Her question was, “Just wondering if consumerism, capitalism and democracy and the banking system are new with the changes in the S.A. government or are you just reflecting on these things?” Here is my response.)

Lloyd Martin 13 November at 08:31

just reflecting… the one direct impact this does have on SA to my mind is that Africa (and everything outside of the ‘new world’) had their own civilizations – some like the orient were the global “super powers” for thousands of years prior in global history and the rapidity of the impact of the advancing industrial revolution and the age of ‘enlightenment’ effectively raped and crushed these systems subjugating them and forcing them to adapt to and try compete in a market system which they were all along ill-equipped for. . so consequently now the west arrogantly regards them as “3rd world” and “undeveloped” (which is accurate only against the reality of the advanced mechanized technologies and weaponry development) but it’s much like basing global status on a competition that has had no history and time to test itself – brand new nevertheless and totally unknown to all but a small group and declaring this as the standard competency test for global status, intelligence, sophistication, morality, ethics, productivity, etc.

Can you imagine if suddenly someone declared some obscure game played by an indigenous group from the depths of some exotic jungle location as the standard. USA and Europe would have the same challenge as the rest….. etc.
what I’m trying to say is that the pressure to adopt democracy and the new world banking/economic systems is effectively hamstringing everyone outside of the ‘new world’ and the bombardment of western culture with all its good & bad & the excesses attached is forcing a war on the values and established civilizations that have been intact in some cases for 1000’s of years. it’s colonialism and conquest on a whole new and unmapped arena and scale. In my Africa we are being deceived into a mindset that USA/Europe is right and we are wrong. thereby precipitating a collapse of a whole set of valid cultures for an immediate replacement with an (at least to my mind) extremely base and ethically, morally devoid and corrupt system based primarily on greed and avarice.
I am seeing my nation and the African, Oriental, Middle Eastern nations and others suffering huge trauma like a cultural viral pandemic.
This might shock you somewhat, but I have watched Zimbabwe all my life and you yourself might have been with us when we went in with YFC in the early 80’s… now I do think that Robert Mugabe is insane and his crimes against humanity are unjustifiable under any circumstances, but as I have looked and tried to observe,… not only the events going down in real time, but the possible historical context, I can well understand the way he thinks. The outrage and indignity that Britain started by colonising the sub-Saharan (and other) worlds is a deep, national and even deeper cultural trauma. The same is happening in the Arab world with USA “foreign policy” taking its effect. I repeat, I don’t find it possible to personally justify the violent backlash and the genocide and mayhem but I can see their hearts and with humans being the way we are I might have done the same (God forgive me).
So, yes Africa is profoundly on my mind, as is the orient, Middle East and all the rest…. but global humanity equally. .. one of the most common things in the existence of life on the earth over billions of years is the evidence of mass extinctions. This can almost be seen as normal (as offensive as this could be to us in our present global mind state), but the rapidity and the devastating effect of the last, very short few hundred years in earth history injects so much more than natural processes. If I never believed in the prophetic utterances pertaining to the end times I would be logically and rationally compelled to do so right now. To my mind what is happening is no less than diabolical. … and my greatest concern is that I think the church is not only doing nothing about it, but actively adjusting theology to accommodate this for our own advantage irrespective of the consequence to life on earth, human and other.

One positive to the USA presence is the amount of missionaries it sends out to the world. This is indeed commendable, but, ….. and sadly, there is a huge BUT, I fear that the ‘gospel’ they preach (sincerely I must add) is to my mind so watered down and laced with the same culture that is so rampantly destructive that I am of a leaning to see its negative impact equally if not more prevalent as it impacts the globe. And I have been part of this myself and I am personally deeply repentant.
Sorry for this epic deluge … feel free to reject or disregard at your discretion. As my blog title says I am exhausted from trying to be ‘right’ – I ‘evangelise’ by being honest and speaking out with as much clarity and integrity that I can muster. As an act of worship to the Most High God all I can surrender is what He has given me already, a unique perspective based on His sovereign call and placement. Like a little common bird, I sing, not because I know all the answers, but because I have a song. I will continue to sing till the air does not come into my lungs. I can do no other. And hopefully, God might touch a hearer somewhere with His grace and cause a miracle to take place in their (and my) life.

So, I sing. 🙂



  1. Just so you know, I have much agreement with you on these issues. I have often searched my heart & mind as to what the real sacrifice would be to follow Christ the way he ought to be followed. I know “the” price has been paid. What about the 21st centuary and the world I live in. What about medical aid, schooling and a bond. WHat about cappucinos, movies and iPods. What about electricity clean water and medication. What makes me happy and why. I know the answer (kinda) but I dare not speak it.

  2. Quite a chirp! Keep singing….

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