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I circled high and saw the glow,

a candle flickering down below.

I’d heard of danger,

cries of “don’t go near!”

but surely there was not that much to fear?

I swooped on down, I felt its charm

a sight so warm could do no harm

I circled round, I spiraled in

I could not keep my excitement in

it was a risk, I knew quite well

but not to venture leaves no story to tell

to face a challenge and grab the prize

I knew I could do it, what they said was just lies

a caution echoed inside my head

a twinge of fear, a flutter of dread.

but I had to see, I just had to find out

what this fear-filled fuss was all about

I moved in closer, it felt so fine

the warmth was thrilling, almost divine.

the pull was enticing, the pleasure so great

my heart was pounding at a mind-spinning rate



racing around

I swirled


I lost myself

not desiring to be found

suddenly it all turned bitter

I managed a shout

but it was too late

my flame had gone out.



  1. I like the moth poem. it leaves the reader with lots of space for exploration – it has a koan like quality.

  2. it makes me think of that paul simon song – how the heart approaches what it yearns.

    • yes, very much so.
      I was not thinking of the song when I wrote the poem though now I see the resemblance clearly.
      Paul Simon has a marvelous way with words. The tune itself is amazing for me as even the 5/4 time signature beautifully underscores the lyrics – pure genius!

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