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“….and I wear those skinny jeans so you can see my fat wallet”


I heard this on the radio this morning. A ‘hook’ lyric from a pop song, and boy did it ever ‘pop’ into my consciousness!

However, missing a lamp pole and the occasional pedestrian or two I swerved back onto the road of life, shook my head (the one rocking on my shoulders), and then the questions came….


Is this sex in the new age?

How did we get here?


CVI crash? (‘C’onsumer ‘V’alues ‘I’ndex)?

The Fractional Reserve Morality System meltdown?


Could this be an indicator of one of materialism’s little orgasms?

Is this the apex of the euphoric terrestrial roll-in-the-hay?

The pursuit of a currency that has no value other than what we fantasize about like a permanent Betty Ford sex-rehab in-patient?

“Hi, my name is Bob, and I am a sexaholic, ….. and boy do I like the bulge of your wallet”


Is this what could be called romping with the god of our age?

The great spiritual erectile dysfunction – a mile high sky-scraper who’s lift does not stop at the top?

Pie in the sky faith or perhaps sky in the pie faith?

This god has a name or two perhaps ….

“the thirst and the lust”

“hellfire and winsome”

“the begging and the trend”

“the alfalfa and the omega-3”

“the blight and the mourning scar”


………. but we do like to watch – don’t we?




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