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Lions have huge claws, fangs, a fierce roar and immense strength. We do not.

Rhino’s have formidable size, horns and skin like steel armour. We have none of these.

Leopards have stealth and huge strength. We have neither.

Crocodiles have incomparable physical power and formidable teeth, jaws and tail. We do not.

Eagles have flight, fierce talons and penetrating vision. We have none of these.

Cheetah’s have incomparable speed. We do not.

We have no protective covering of skin or armour.  We have no natural hair to protect us from the extreme heat or cold.  In all ways we are mostly unprotected and completely vulnerable to the environment we call home.

Yet mankind has a Godlike quality.  Perhaps even a Godlike quantity.  We might not have physical stealth but we can hide behind shadows or walk in the light if we so choose.  We have an imagination that can transcend the natural world where the beasts are clearly at home.  We can not only create new realities but can actively live in them.

Chameleons and sea squid can blend into the background with relative ease but man can redesign themselves to fit almost any situation.  Snakes can inject deadly venom but humans need only speak a few words to cause nervous systems to collapse and for flesh, and mind to begin to decay from the inside out.  Many serpents, reptiles and even arachnids can shed their skin but humans virtually change their whole identities merely by desiring to do so.

On the other hand, humankind also have the amazing ability to choose to care and love where loveliness is not present.  We can speak healing with a word and cause flesh to heal and internal nervous systems to access restoration.  Humans can exercise righteousness and unwavering commitment to others, themselves and even the environment.  Humans also have the amazing ability to be the very presence of God in the natural world.



  1. nice Lloyd, very nice thought. 🙂

  2. Wonderful paradigm shifting there. Thank you.

  3. beautiful imagery thanks

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