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Could an argument be made that the ‘legal’ corporate music industry companies are the biggest pirates and ‘bootleggers’ of the arts and culture?

Can it be said that they are ‘legally’ raping the artistes, their dignity, income, even their ‘prophetic’ voice (as artistes depart from the integrity and honesty of their own style/voice/art form to follow the dictates of what a superficial and essentially greedy and exploitative group dictate as being ‘marketable’ and artistically ‘acceptable’?)  … and in so doing siphoning exorbitant, unethical percentages of profit for ‘administrating’ the creativity and integrity of gifted people –  simply put: ‘legal’ exploitation.

Could the same argument be made of the so called “Christian” book, music and “worship” industry?   Are they not doing the self same thing? Exploiting the creative gift for a profit?  … reducing the creative prophetic to a commercialized popularity, catering towards mediocrity and popular culture rather than on giving wings to creative integrity, honesty and the voice of the Spirit of God?

Jesus cleansed the temple violently and what seemed to offend him was the peddling, the “market place” that the temple had become.

I wonder what ‘tables’ he would over turn if he came into our churches or “Christian” book and CD stores today?  I also wonder whose backs would feel the bite of his meticulously platted whip?



  1. That is a brave question to ask. I suspect he would find many tables; but unlike in the days of the temple, when many people were innocent victims of exploitation, today we seem to be happily complicit in the deal.

  2. and christian radio, TV and mega Church – did you know there are specialists who can guarantee outcomes in terms of membership & turn-over, based on input?

    spot-on sir 🙂

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