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A Facebook status I see: “First worship practice”

A friend who is the leader of a church somewhere has just this week moved into a new church building (ideas for another blog posting come streaming in right away).

My mind goes off!  PssshhfffffFFFTTTT!!!!! – “POP!!”

First worship practice? this quickly turns around to become “worst firship practice” (er … don’t ask, it’s complicated)

First worship practice ~ Worst firship practice

I’m trying to unscramble the codex in my brain and it sort of unravels something like this:

How does one actually practice for worship?

Passion is spontaneous is it not?

Worship is intimacy with God right?

Worship is much likened to sexual intimacy – In concept and typology, but also in the sacred texts … hmmmm?

So how does one practice for sexual intimacy?  Squats? Press-ups? Star-jumps?  Reading about sexual positions? Studying anatomical charts?  …  PssshhfffffFFFTTTT!!!!! – “POP!!”

How premeditated should one be on approaching an intimate sexual encounter?

How “manipulated” or “set-up” would the spouse feel?

Is there a perfect formula?  I wonder what my wife would say?  (dare I ask?)

Does it come in a “Hillsong” CD sleeve? … or with a “Integrity Music” bar code? … A Chris Tomlin manual?

What about lighting?

Would it be better done before an audience?

If I bought the hippest gear and dressed the part would it promote intimacy?  would the whole experience be more beautiful, more profound, more meaningful, more intimate?

Maybe …. or maybe not …

… or maybe worship in churches is much like the fir trade these days?



  1. i always thought that intimacy with Jesus would heal my sinical heart. I always thought that intimacy with Jesus would cause me to love. And I believe 1 Corinthians 13 says that love believes the best. did you ever think that worship practice means exactly that. A bunch of people who as faithful servants arrive early to get everything organised. Then go through the songs together so that everything runs smoothly. Ever try being intimate with your wife with three kids in the house and a puppy with your mother in law down the passage. Nothing will break the mood faster than a nock at your door by a toddler that wants his tea. Nothing stops intimacy faster than the wrong note and an off beat drummer. So worship practice. Believe the best> Faithful servants of God.

    • isn’t intimacy intimate? … not public?
      … isn’t it passionate, spontaneous and sincere, honest … not culturally prescribed?
      … no matter how beautiful somethings are, they are not for public exposure. there is a place and a time for all things .. and perhaps especially for intimacy.
      … and Hollywood has redefined ‘love’ and morality, intimacy and passion. … and we have allowed it to redefine our definitions.
      … popularity, marketing, somehow these make things once questionable things acceptable, then attractive … then very desirous, even the norm, and then ‘doctrine’
      …the life of Jesus was spontaneous, unpredictable, unexpected, apparently even random … our lives are the opposite. … ours are systematised, predictable, prescribed, uniform, to all but ourselves, often boring, irrelevant. … no one wants to hear that their ways are out of line, irrelevant, culturally premeditated, lifeless – a mere copy of the fallen systems around us
      . … Jesus caused the religious system of that day to be confronted with this exact revelation – that it was irrelevant, out of line, culturally top-heavy, powerless … so they killed him

  2. mmm .. I know this all to well, meaning I’m an expert :-). Rehearsing for the great pretence. But I suppose we do what we know. However, as you probably know, there is another way, and of cause that’s letting go of self. In all our endeavours, I think this is hardest, to maintain life in the spirit and not to allow the black stuff in. Once we realise that we don’t have the ability, and that we do things right only by His spirit, then I’d say we have our First worship practice. In my understanding, it really is, only in Him that these things are possible. Without Him it’s SELF all the way.

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