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we arrive

we know not from where

but we are here

and here is where we find ourselves

and we in turn

are found to be here


a most defenceless state


we make contact

we are made contact with

it’s all new it seems

from that within

and that which is without


we reach out

we are reached out to

we begin to see how it all works

or doesn’t

or so we think

even how we think

but that seems to become what is for us

so we discover…

our uniqueness?


or maybe we discover who we all are, together

we become like those around us

yet we fight for independence


how much is still us is a mystery

how much isn’t us too


but we believe we are unique,

just like everyone else

it helps us to think this way

but thinking this way doesn’t help


we are



yet alone


One Comment

  1. Friends inspire you to become your best and still love you when youre at your worst..

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