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it wasn’t the ANC, nor the international boycotts, nor organized political pressure, nor a change of heart, nor repentance, nor was it economics or socio-political strategy that brought down the beast of national racism …

…the callous, corrupt, cancerous heart of apartheid rotted silently and steadily from the inside and the beast crumbled inevitably like a dead man walking…

…and now, could it be that the self-proclaimed victors too are not roaring, but weeping? –

cry the beloved country, cry


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  1. our hope lies not in political parties or political systems or politicians – our hope lies in the hearts of insignificant individuals, ignitied by One who is not of our kind, with no regard for the color of skin or even the content of character, it is a roaring & a weeping all at once, but not the kind we’ve seen & tasted, a quiet roaring & an uncontrolable weeping – I pray that the One will ignite it in me & in many others, in our little bit of world, not in a Wesleyan or Buchanian Revivalist sense, but deep & immense & free, I pray

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