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For those who wish to be active seekers of truth, understanding and who want to pursue the road to life there is a passage in the biblical text where it is said that the only way is to enter through the narrow gate.  It continues to clarify this by saying that wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction and many walk this way.

To clarify the point further it goes on to state that the true path to life is diametrically the opposite – that the gateway to truth and enlightenment is small and the road that leads to life is narrow, and only a few find it.

We praise our present system of democracy that rallies the market place to mass together and let their collective voice be heard.  We rally ourselves to actively participate in the democratic process to effect change, peace, stability, righteousness, fairness and truth.

I have often heard preachers and spiritual leaders proclaiming from their pulpits that it is the right thing to cast our vote and even that doing so is a duty of service to God and righteousness.

Could we possibly view our beloved democracy as a way to let the wide road speak?

Is this not what we are told democracy facilitates – that the opinion of the multitude be heard?  … that the masses be heard?  … that we, the people will govern ourselves, united, together, in peace and in harmony.

Maybe I’m missing the point here, but shouldn’t this be ringing a few alarm bells in our heads?



  1. Hey, Lloyd – in scripture I see God reluctantly agreeing to the appointment of a King … like the other nations had … I never see Israel progressing to a democracy …. except the modern day Israel …

    I wonder how we would organize our society, if not in a democracy …. ? HOw would we go about managing our collectiveness & our collective interest, or do you think it does not need management?

    It would be great if our societies could be formed, not based on geographic location, but on what we each value … us subscribing to a certain ‘way’ & that making us citizens of that part of the world …

    Perhaps that is how it was … before our globe became a village … ?

    Perhaps its never been like that, since the moment pictured in the early chapters of Genesis?

    • for me there is ample evidence not only rationally, but even in the texts themselves that the kingdom of God is within and not something managed from without. it stands to basic reason that governmental oversight of any nature opposes this. it’s either one or the other – it cannot be both/and. to my mind the church has totally abused, distorted and effectively messed this up – preaching grace and freedom through the indwelling Spirit of a living God and then controlling those apparently set free to conform to the dictates of an external moral and ethical culture of an elite few. we are so indoctrinated by this heresy that many of those reading this right now are more than likely wondering if I am anti-Christ, an anarchist or a libertarian bordering on rebellion and chaos theory. I merely suggest that democracy is no more and no less than the ‘freedom’ to chose another dictator and to undermine and even dethrone the sovereign hand and presence of God and his kingdom in the hearts and minds of mankind.
      if the source of the Kingdom of God is internally initiated, activated and sustained surely the outworking solution is as well. it is logical that no matter how much external influence is exerted it can never effect lasting internal change. if this were in any way remotely possible Christ would have set up a political throne and remained seated on earth. however, the contrary is true, he remains not here on earth but is instead seated in the heavens.
      perhaps the enthusiasm amongst people who claim to be ‘spiritually’ minded for a democratic process and purpose might even point to their spiritual bankruptcy and loss of faith in the power and presence of a living God?

  2. Interesting post.
    And from a different perspective –
    I think democracy, while being the best option of those available for now, is intrinsically flawed.

    I can’t remember who said this: but its probably true –
    “The majority is invariably wrong”

    Apart from that, anywhere in the world, it is so that the poor and uneducated multiply faster than the more prosperous.
    What price then, democracy?
    Lordy, help us!

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