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Simply a process of thought – do symbols carry any symbolism in and of themselves?

And do signs cease to be when the destination is reached?

And what kind of folly breaks out when a sign becomes a destination?

“Sign’s and wonders”

Signs are symbols, pointers, directives towards and of another thing, of something else… they are not the thing itself…

Wonders are things that provoke inquisitive exploration .. they bring a sense of wonder, intrigue.

If something is ‘wonderful’ it doesn’t necessarily mean it is good, but that it makes one wonder, be amazed, challenged.

Wonders introduce mystery and mystery again makes us wonder

To seek wonder for the sake of its presence … is this not merely fanciful folly?

And is not the mystery and the momentum of the wonder then robbed of its inherent power?

The wonders of signs

The significance of wonder


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