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An attitude of entitlement transcends political theories or mindsets.  It also predates it.


An attitude of entitlement speaks of a state of heart, not mind … a spirituality, not a democratic choice.  It transcends cognitive self determination as it determines what we choose all day, every day.


There is this alarming article that opens up a discussion on the issue:


Clearly colonial influence in Africa (and around the globe) is and has been nothing short of diabolical and systems like Apartheid in South Africa are inexcusable and indefensible.   The article has this to say of the South African way of thinking:

“We could not understand being the power house, one of the richest country on the continent, with every resource available; why has South Africa become so different from the rest of Africa.

Apartheid came to mind – but seeing what happened on the rest of the continent, Apartheid seemed to be a tea party in comparison to the brutality of other colonial powers.

Rwanda 1 Million dead within 100 days due to the colonial blunders. The Belgian colonial past and King Leopold’s ghost in Central and Central West Africa left 13 Million people dead. The Germans butchered their way around South West Africa and German East Africa. The Portuguese Colonial Wars left scores dead and resulted in two bloody civil wars in Mozambique and Angola, and the French also did not run their colonies as Health Spas with brutality and death of the local inhabitants. Britain in the 1950’s dunked their hands into blood with the Mau Mau Wars where castrations, death and brutality in Kenya were the daily order and the list goes on for every corner in Africa. With this history as whites we should be hated in every corner of the continent – but we are not. “

The Kingdom of Heaven comes from within and not from without.  This applies to the culture, theology and politics of the Afrikaaner and the birth and implementation of the Apartheid system as much as it speaks to the colonial influences present at the time.  It is not a skin colour issue nor a generational, cultural, economic or political one.


We must deal with our history (whoever we are) but infinitely more importantly we must deal with our present.  It is the only thing we have total control of each second.


What does this say about us?


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  1. thank you for this blog, Lloyd – it speaks of many things, even as it does not speak of them – as I read, as white Afrikaner I think of how for granted we take the fact that we are still free in Africa & South Africa, I also think of how we continue to justify ourselves & our lifestyles from a religious perspective & how we ‘have a sense of entitlement’ with ‘God’, regarding ourselves to be ‘entitled’ to ‘his blessing’ and ‘his will’ and ‘clear understanding & knowledge’.

    Perhaps gratitude could be the medicine for our ‘entitled souls’ … perhaps we need disaster, disappointment & chaos before we could come to gratitude for peace & ‘having enough to live from & serve him’?

    Perhaps the chaos is too immense & the momentum thereof too big for us to really see the tide turn?

    Perhaps all we can do is be swept away by it, as in Noah’s day, so that something new may rise?

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