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… maybe our memories are all we’ll take with us when we leave… that, and also perhaps possibly only the occasional witness of others with whom we have walked parts of our lives together, and us with them?
… maybe “do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself… as each day has enough trouble of its own…” points us to the eternal importance of actively building this record every time we draw breath … making the most and the best of each and every opportunity, seizing the moment, each and every one of them while it is still today… so that we might not be found naked and cowering in some dark corner with only fig leaves as a frail covering, our futile protection…
… and if we have no memories… well, that could be both good or bad… or maybe not…
… and forgetfulness will not be a possibility, neither will remembering…
for we all be in the all together, in all and all in
… and if the light in us is darkness that darkness might be terribly dark…
… but if the light in us is light we might well be seen clearly for who we really are and the light might then cease to be in us for we will be in it…


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  1. Very much like Nietzche’s idea of eternal return. I have often thought of the gravity of each moment, from the eternal perspective…. well, obviously not thought of it often enough…. come to think of it, I am seldom aware of the eternal gravity of the moment.

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