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giving is a one way motion

as is taking


a selfless action or intent

according to any expectation of return or reward

was never selfless in the first place


there will be an effect

there always is

and that effect could well be rewarding

but that reward would be selfless

never budgeted for

and this reward will come from another unexpected place


if we see it coming

if it was expected or anticipated

it was self-centered from the beginning


to give with the expectation of  reward or return

reveals the presence of a transactional process

whether conscious or not


it has always impressed me that in the ancient sacred texts

the blessings for obedience

as as well as the curses for disobedience

always overtake us


that which overtakes

comes from behind

it outpaces us

it overpowers us

overcomes us

even sweeps us away

to other places

other unexpected places

unintended unplanned for destinations

that will leave us wondering


in our market driven world

our self made markets

we go out and grab

we promote


we promote others

that we might be promoted in return


we snatch and take

and we celebrate those who succeed in this


and the words of truth echo…

faintly it seems

and more faint every day


“the first shall be last…

and the last shall be first… ”  they say…


One Comment

  1. and even that would then be transactional? that exchange of firts and last, to be expected …

    could it be that His involvement in our lives are unconditional, without expectation?

    could it be that we become when we embrace that to our being?

    you owe me nothing.

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