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we believe

we believe what?

what do we believe in ?


why do we believe?

is this a strength or a weakness?

do we believe in questions…

…or only in answers?

can we believe in why?


to believe is to …

accept as true or real

… to credit with veracity

… to expect or suppose

to think

…to have firm faith

religious faith

… to have faith, confidence,  trust

… to trust in the truth or value of something

…to have an opinion

or just to think


there appears to be not too much solid evidence in belief

other than what we hold as opinion…


yet we believe

we all do… not just the religious or the mystical

we all believe

… even the scientist

the atheist

the agnostic


for anyone to call themselves a believer and others not

dwells in the height of misinformed arrogance

…and any who claim not to believe

are their resident neighbours


… and for those who do…?


do we believe in God?

do we believe in a personified God?


do we believe in devils?

do we believe in a personified Devil


apparently devils believe in God … and God believes in a devil

even the sacred texts reveal that God spoke of the Devil as though the Devil was real


and we …

what do we believe?


do we have to believe?

do we want to believe?

perhaps we need to believe?


do we want to choose?

do we feel we have to choose?


do we?


… and must we choose…

between good and evil

between God and the Devil…?

can we believe in both at the same time?

does believing in the one exclude belief in the other?

or are they the same … just opposite ends of the same continuum?


some, maybe even most, would say that they believe in a god, even a personal God

… who is kind, good and is active in initiating healing and extending grace and forgiveness, love and acceptance

a good God who is the giver of all good gifts and the creator of all that is good


many of those same people most probably would also say that they believe in the devil

… a personified Devil… the evil Devil who is against the good God…

…an evil Devil who is active in perpetrating pain, death and destruction, extending hate and trouble, suffering and rejection

…the evil Devil who is the source of all that is bad


many, if not most who believe, believe that the good, kind God created all things

…that nothing that is present in any way was made outside of God…

they also believe that the good, kind God is supreme, sovereign, omnipotent, preeminent, before, after and beyond all things


yet the same believe in a Devil


so who created the Devil?

and how did the Devil come to be?


did we create the Devil?

did we create him as a personalised Devil?


… and if the good, kind God never created the Devil, who did?


maybe we did?



and who created the good, kind, personalised God?


maybe we did…


did we?




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