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We live in an era saturated with branding, slogans, memes, pop iconography, subcultures, rampant pop media, fashion obsession, subcultures within subcultures within cultures, and a dominant worldview of citations, quotes, references – whether they be scientific, religious, literary, social, or even tribal.

Of late I’ve been thinking about what percentage of what we think is what WE ourselves actually think and what percentage of what we think is what others think?

I throw this out even though personally we may very strongly not think we think what others’ think influences us to think, say and do things?

… what do you think? … do we, or don’t we?

And what would it mean if we are offended at this thought or if our immediate response is that we haven’t really thought much about it?


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  1. We have a lot of different selves. 1. There is the self that we believe others see us as. 2. There is the self we want to be. 3. There is the self as we view it. 4. There is the actual, genuine, self.

    The first three selves are learned through social interactions, social comparison, media, family, friends, expectations. All of these are based on how we think others want us to live, and our desire not to disappoint others. A lot of our thinking and our meaning is heavily influenced by others.

    However, there is always the actual self. It’s been there since day one. It’s that curious part of yourself that wants to know everything and isn’t afraid to do or think whatever comes naturally to you. It’s your instincts, your core personality, your deepest thoughts.

    Sometimes it’s hard to separate reality from the influence of the outside world. But we have to remember, we would have no sense of self if it weren’t for the outside world. It’s a yin and yang. I exist because there is a world full of people to compare and contrast to. It’s symbiotic if I don’t take things personally. Otherwise, the influence of others can be corrosive.

    Thought-provoking post!

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