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God Caught Backing Multiple Candidates for President

Seriously speaking, – we’ve got to be less serious about ourselves…

No, hang on, … maybe we should be more serious about ourselves?

I mean, are we really serious?

I’m being serious here! … we’ve got to take ourselves less seriously!!

This is clearly just an inane play on words but doesn’t it look like this is what our theology has become? … no more than an inane play on words?


In the article above a cynical jab is taken at the religious nonsense of the USA political scenario.  Especially at the religious manipulation deployed to justify personal ambition as individuals get on the glory treadmill.

We can laugh in disgust and say that they are radical lunatics, idiots caught up in delusional self-promotion and superficial, unscrupulous manipulation.  We can respond by saying that that’s them and we are not like that.  They are laughable and they make God laughable.  They cause people to mock God… and us.

But are we any different?  Are we not exactly like them?

Yes, these politicians are effectively maligning the character of God.  They are manipulatively using God to further their own selfish ends.

Yes, they are a disgrace and understandably we want to immediately distance ourselves from them.  And yes, they clearly appear to be an extremely vain minority, a radical, lunatic fringe of self-seeking fools.

But are they really any different to us?

Do we have the courage to ask ourselves if we do the same thing?

If we asked this of them they’d skilfully give hundreds of justifications for their actions.  They’d feel justified after having done so too.

After all, they’re human just like us.

I too get upset when I read these things.  I am angered and want to speak out.

No, I’m being a little  false here, … actually I want to lash out and be a part of humbling them.  I want to expose them and strip them of their vanity.

However, when I am finally willing and able to reflect on my own life I see exactly the same thing.  I see exactly the same thing in me that I despise in them.

I see the way I so conveniently shape my beliefs in God to suit what is expedient for me and my career, what serves my chosen path in this world.  I see how I can so easily justify whatever I am doing, thinking, believing and saying… even justify my own “calling”.

Could the way we use the name of God as leverage in the things we say and do make us on a par with these embarrassing politicians?  Do we hide behind what we declare as God telling us to do or not to do?  Do we brandish the highest trump card we can pull from the deck to further our own ends or to conveniently enable us to participate or not to participate in something?

Maybe they can’t see what they’re doing just like we can’t see what we are doing?

Maybe we’re all caught up in the same delusion … only perhaps on slightly different levels?

But then again, maybe you’re different? … not like me or them?

That’s your call.

But just maybe we’ve got to take ourselves less seriously? … or maybe we need to take ourselves more seriously?

Maybe that’s your call too?



One Comment

  1. Did you read some of the comments to that piece?

    I also see a plank in my own eye here….

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