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I can’t help thinking if this could be a metaphor for the present day church?




…and then, as a result … I was challenged.

” .. then do something about it ;)”

and I replied,

“I am, … you saw the cartoon, you read it, you’re thinking about it right now… that is wonderful.
I can’t change one person’s mind about anything… but I can attempt in some small way to get them to think… that’s what I do, it’s what I’m doing right now… it’s what I always try to do and that’s all I believe can be done… and maybe your reading and thinking about it right now, even if you disagree with me, even hate me (and I’m sure you don’t ‘hate’ me), will cause you to think about your own thinking and decide for yourself, not for me, or my way of thinking. … and maybe that thinking will result in action, your action, action that you chose, for yourself, by real faith…”

One Comment

  1. it is a strange dance, to be both in process and reaching out, available. i like the alongside image, not below, not above.
    i am way more motivated to help someone else, then i feel good about me, than to examine my crap and make healthy choices. keep us thinking…

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