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we hear so much about the inalienable constitutional right of individuals to RECEIVE respect, honour, fairness, dignity, equity, etc.

… yet I very seldom if ever seem to hear of the responsibility of individuals to GIVE rights, to extend these rights to others…

it is said that it is more blessed to give than to receive, … but it seems that these days to receive is everything

so what’s your take on giving?


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  1. Peter Popoff, the American evangelical preacher, is one of the classic unsinkable rubber ducks of woo. The skeptical icon James “The Amazing” Randi exposed Popoff in 1987 on the Johnny Carson show by sneaking in a radio receiver and recording equipment and recording the sometimes foul and revealing conversation beween Popoff’s wife Elizabeth and Popoff himself, who was listening to her reveal information about members of the audience. Popoff would present this information as divinely inspired in order to complete the illusion that he had access to the power of God to heal members of his congregation.

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