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we are the silt of the earth

however, if the silt loses its silt-iness…

… it may well become part of a vibrant, life bringing, flowing river …

but this will not happen any time soon

maybe never


… for now it is warm and still…

besides, we’ve become accustomed to the smell


centuries ago we broke away from the Roman church model

(hierarchical, institutionalised, politically inspired and dominated, etc.)

we were called “Protestants” as a result …

… but now it seems we have acquired the nature of dormant silt and bubbling sludge at the bottom of a smelly swamp

we have collected all the debris we once rejected

and we have become our enemy

and our enemy has become us


we now can, in reality only be seen as “conformists”


no longer does the “Protestant” tag fit

nor is it justified


our culture of life, worship and social activity looks glossy and pleasantly ‘pop’

the songs we sing sound as if they are copied off the pop charts … and they are

our leaders are not servants but pop stars and celebrities

our worship leaders and musicians look like fashion statements

and indeed strut on ramps up front, before and above the people


our prophets, preachers and teachers sound the same as corporate motivational speakers … and that is what they are

our communities look like corporate business or political party structures


we sing songs about the rain needing to fall…


and man, O man, … do we need a deluge right now!




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