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… we read in the ancient texts of how the creation is the handiwork of the Lord and that even the heavens reflect the glory and the wonders of the creator

… and I agree… without hesitation

like most I am indeed overwhelmed

and with intense awe I sample the wonders of it all

… the wonder of supreme design expressed in every facet of what I see

… even in the suggestive echoes of that which I cannot see


a most intriguing mystery for me is the disproportionate spatial dimensions of ‘space’

specifically the minuscule amount of solid matter that seems to float so precariously isolated amidst the vastness of it all …

the basic math of it is staggering…

… perhaps significantly far less than 10% of all the universe is solid matter (planets, stars, moons, suns, meteorites, clumps of rock, whatever…)

… just hanging there somehow… no hooks or pulleys, no platforms or solid scaffold substructures are visible and most seems to be moving silently and apparently effortlessly in gravitationally negotiated orbits…

all locked together and balanced by a kind of mystically ethereal, invisible glue

but all this matter simply hanging there in space is far less mysterious to me than the apparent reality that it is surrounded from every angle with …


… nothing


and even more amazing to me is that this nothing seems to be a staggering 90% + of everything

… and from what we can tell, this disproportionate amount of nothing is made up of ever expanding ‘space’

… ever expanding distance that is filled mostly with vast stretches of space

extreme emptiness

huge vacuous gaps of almost endless separation…

… there is significantly more nothing out there than there is something

… and this, believe it or not

is our reality

… and to throw another spanner in the works, the quantum physicists seem to suggest that it is equally as spacious and vast “in” there as it is unimaginably spacious and vast “out” there

… as eternally infinite “inwardly” as we can attempt to conceive of it being eternally infinite “outwardly”…


for me this is a truly amazing set ideas


a wonder that comes to mind almost immediately for me is

… if the heavens declare the fingerprint or footprint, even the glory of God

what might this suggest about the creator?

or the very nature and character of God?

what might this be saying about God’s relationship to us?

and his own relationship within himself?

why all this space?

maybe the space is very necessary?


and seeing that we are created in God’s image

… what might this be suggesting about our relationships with each other?





  1. and our thinking about things should be 1% something and 99% nothing?

    and our value of things is worth 1% and is actually 99% nothing?

    interesting thoughts stimulated…

  2. This is interesting, the idea of devine disconectednes, or ‘loose’-relate-tion, nothing bound or ‘tied-together’, nothing ‘fixed’, but ever expanding, moving further & further apart. Intensely interesting.

  3. Love this. Ahhhh, space between us. and don’t forget the silence. I’m beginning to seek this out intentionally. But where on earth? Because the space and the noise is creeping stealthily in from all directions.

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