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can one have a master who is able to show the way to be free?

is it possible for the free to have a master?







  1. Good questions. Yoda might have said,”…no way to escape having a master, there is.” In the same way that one cannot truly serve two masters, maybe we cannot not serve at least one. God, drugs, love, porn, desire for acclaim, to consume, to serve others…they all look like “masters” of one sort or another. Beautiful hands in the pic. Thanks, Russ W.

  2. so what are you saying, Lloyd – is there no freedom?

    • I’m asking questions
      perhaps I’m also asking if there is no slavery?

      even a benevolent master is still a master, not so?
      even a willing slave is a slave and not free, or not?
      could freedom take captive to bring the captives to freedom? and if this were so, would the captives not still be captives?

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