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Gus Silber (@gussilber) tweeted this last weekend – “Samsung have survived & thrived through mimicry; Nokia & RIM have failed by being themselves”

– is this to be the epitaph on the grave stone of modern music?… revealing that as an “industry” it has survived & thrived through mimicry and the pursuit of materialistic gain … with artistic integrity, authentic creativity and originality having all failed by being themselves?

and what about “worship” music and the religious gospel music “industry” which seems to follow these same materialistic trends in a vain attempt to be more “relevant”… what will its epitaph read?

… and what about these “IDOLS” type shows?

… what part have they played in the wholesale rape of authentic art and the dignity of ethnic cultures and their authentic art? … and all for the sake of materialistic gain

… and what about these “celebrities” who steer this cancerous rape of art and culture by sitting on the sensationalist and manipulative judging panels just to further their own careers … what will their epitaphs reveal?

… and what about us? … what will be our legacy? … we who watch and applaud like perverted voyeurs as this cultural and artisit rape happens before our very eyes?


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