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lately I’ve been wrestling with the reality of the world we seem to have created for ourselves… and it’s not a pretty picture

we believe that due to our tremendous technological advancement we are more powerful than ever before yet so much seems to be no more than smoke and mirrors … and instead of being stronger than ever we appear more naked now than the day we were born

we all seem to live under an illusion of our own making – a personally convenient, subjectively desired perspective that actively shapes our own private reality

possibly one of the biggest enemies we face is the superficiality of the illusionary power of our cognitive intellect and the ascendency this has assumed in our thinking in this present age?

perhaps the only way we seem able to really and effectively help ourselves and others is governed by the extent to which we are able to tackle our own illusions

very possibly the biggest weakness of the ascendency of this dominant linear cognitive intellect is that it seems so easily to overlook the strongly suggested probability that the cognitive is merely only the surface 10% of the human “iceberg” which is slowly melting into history

it’s more often than not that it’s the submerged 90% of the human “iceberg” that floats, steers, determines and often sinks the whole psycho-social individual human package

… and the hotter we make it for ourselves the more the dark underbelly of who we really are is brought steadily to the surface only to be melted away by the light of the day



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  1. O yes its the dark underbelly of who we really are that God sees- most of my life has been ruled by emotions not linear rational thought – guess its in my genes which God also knows about.

    I’m not ducking responsibility for my sins I’m juss saying its a complicating factor in the pilgrimage that few believers ever talk or think about. God Himself is an emotional as well as rational being He gets angry, upset, weeps and changes His mind. Unlike us He does not and cannot lie.

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