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Jesus Christ was a revolutionary.

He died because he was killed.

He was killed because he was offensive.

His whole life as recorded in the accepted cannon of scripture documents an individual who flew in the face of society on almost every level.

The religious order as well as the governmental order were confused and disturbed, even outraged at his lifestyle, his teachings and the things he did.

Even his closest followers and devotees were offended and confused at his every move, his every word.

In these days there are millions, perhaps even billions who declare themselves to be disciples and passionate followers of this same Jesus Christ.

Perhaps I am no more than a cynical, disgruntled, negative, anti-establishment, rebellious dysfunctional, …. but including myself, I battle to see even one person amongst the odd seven billion people in the world today who lives their lives in the remotest similitude to the one we claim to follow so passionately and exclusively.


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  1. indeed, Lloyd. indeed.

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