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Monthly Archives: November 2012

it is said that there are two sides to every coin

if so, which side is truth on?

is truth perhaps in the middle?  … or maybe neutral?

and if truth is in the middle or ‘neutral’ …

is the middle exclusive or inclusive?

what if truth is on neither side?

what if truth is on its own side …

and what if we are on our own side?…


what if there are no sides at all?




There’s a news24 article today titled “What to do after you get raped” …

NOTE: it’s not “What to do IF you get raped” … this seems to be a foregone conclusion

what a shocking reality that this is deemed clearly necessary…
but, as serious and disconcerting as it is I believe it is equally applicable as a relevant metaphor for the present time…

… I’m very sure this applies to the general populace under the present Sodomic political regime – and not exclusively to women suffering at the hands of vicious and unscrupulous sexual predators… God help us!

In the days of Jesus the Christ life was hard and the nation at that time was living in captivity and great oppression in their own land. The ruling government of the day executed ruthless totalitarian power and impunity for crimes against humanity was a foregone conclusion. Retribution for perceived resistance to the occupying powers was swift and lethal.

Whether one believes in Jesus the Christ or not we now have the dubious privilege of living and dying under exactly the same conditions as he did…

These are indeed interesting times…

“Today you are You, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

― Dr. Seuss

… imagine if on birthdays we sung these lyrics over our loved ones as opposed to the regular “you look like a monkey, and you act like one too…”

… imagine if we spoke about this every day

… imagine if this was the unseen quest at every meal…

… imagine if we meant it


… maybe there would be no need for politics? …

nor even nations …

nor war …

nor religion …

nor capitalism or communism …

or any other “ism”





when I was very, very young

I had this crazy idea

that “outer space” was so big

and getting bigger and bigger

because our words,



never died

never stopped

they just got bumped around

and spread out

mixed with all the other people’s words


… that it was all like a huge balloon

that keeps on filling up

with more and more air

as we all breath out the breath of our lives…




to talk informally with another

or others

to listen and hear

to exchange views and opinions

agreement and disagreement


towards and away from

to advance and to reverse

a dance of harmony and dissonance


to turn around

to repent

or endorse

towards the choir of silence

it is almost impossible to get a person to hate and murder another if that person has no experience of being hated nor any real understanding of or reason to hate and murder another…

the same can be said of love and life…

For about a month now we’ve been playing a Sunday night jazz gig at a Strip Club in our fair city that operates as such during the week Monday through Saturday.  The club owner simply wanted to get some extra business going and seized upon the idea of a jazz evening (sans the damsels) for his Sunday evenings.
What has really amazed and amused me are the comments and concerns I have heard (seemingly almost louder than the sound of the jazz itself) … and this almost exclusively from the religious set.  Chatting with a few courageous customers who have risked the eternal public scorn I was intrigued to hear how the religiously minded were clearly burdened by great concerns of being seen going in and coming out of the venue … and this especially on a Sunday.

Being a sincere follower of Jesus Christ myself I was very amused and intrigued as Jesus was recorded in the gospels as being criticised and eventually killed for being a friend of the outcasts and the so called unsavoury elements of society.  This is even more alarming as even now we hear passionate preaching on the high, even supreme  importance of reaching out to the sinful and “lost” of our society.

One of my recent Facebook status updates inspired by this fascinating experience went like this:

“One of the great things about playing a jazz gig at a strip club on a Sunday evening is that there are no strippers named “Swirly” “Good Breasts” and “More See” swinging along simultaneously to thongs like Lip Zipalong’s “The Gallows Pole” Bonny Jovi’s “Living on a Pole” and Paula Slide-On’s “Slip Sliding Away” etc. … so, even if you don’t really like jazz you can nevertheless be totally absorbed by imagining there is a buxom female artiste undoing her thing… let’s face it … the swaying is true that “boobies are in the eyes of the beer holder.” ”

I think that I don’t think I think I know

…at least I used to think I thought so

but now I don’t think so

so now you know

there’s a huge flightless feathery bird

that eats stones

and it looks like it hides its head in the sand

this is not the truth

but it is

known by scientists as the struthio camelus

but by signtists and the little swallowed pebbles

it is known as the multi-tickle arse-stretch