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Monthly Archives: December 2012

the longer I live
the more I can see
an ancient old soul
who dwells within me

a most reclusive friend
who waits patiently
for me to cease from my fighting
from my striving to be free

to get off my throne
and with humility see
that I’m not alone
that it’s not all just me

and soon we shall meet
as we follow this way
and once again we might walk
in the cool of the day


ugly lies

we can’t trust beauty anymore
we’ve been lied to
and we’ve liked it
we’ve loved it
and it’s become beautiful
we couldn’t see its ugliness anymore
and we hated ugliness
so we turned our back on beauty
and now we lie
even when we speak the truth



mad suicide

… the man stood at the top point of a very high bridge as the frenzied crowd gathered below…
he held the loaded gun to his head, cocked the trigger and yelled tauntingly,
“just one move to save me and I’ll shoot the hostage!”

“wait, before you do …. where did you get the gun?” the crowd yelled up at him in lustful desperation…

that’s us … we have achieved the unthinkable… we have invaded ourselves… we are resolute … and we mean business!

sorry – I decline, I’m not going, I can’t attend, I’m not signing the petition, no, I’m not re-posting, I don’t agree, I’m not joining, and no – I’m not traveling to New York or London and Los Angeles just to see your band.  I really don’t want to see 1,000 photo-shopped pics of your profile (hell, I’m battling just seeing my own face in the mirror), … and while I’m at it… no, I’m not going to vote for your band. I’ll miss your birthday AGAIN!  good grief, I’m not even sending myself a birthday greeting card or even attending my own birthday … and why should I?

… actually, I’m staying home and watching wildlife programs where a mangy predator with frightening fangs stalks and pounces on poor little innocent, unsuspecting, frolicking herbivores frantically battling to find the last semi-nutritional bushel of grass in a baron wilderness without promise of rain… hang on, that sounds eerily just like Facebook
lion kill

hmm, … yes, good sound reasoning applied in the video …
however, near the end the narrative suggests that the case against there being a purpose in the universe is extremely strong to anyone “who sees the universe as it is rather than as they wish it to be.”…
… this causes me to reflect that perhaps if we are willing and able to be as objective and “empirical” as we possibly can we would need to reconsider that in all our so-called advanced cognitive abilities and developed observational and deductive/reasoning faculties we see an extremely minute percentage of the data that is “out there”
also, to “see” vast chunks of that which we regard as scientific knowledge we are presently utilising and operating “empirically” with devices (technological and deductive) that we have created and developed for ourselves in order to “see” the things we cannot see with our own eyes
as a result we conclude causes, events and structures that together serve to build our “empirical” scientific world view….

… is this not exactly what the “religious” or “spiritual” mind does in attempting to make sense of it all … specifically, operating on sensory intuitive techniques and some other devices we have created for ourselves (belief systems, theologies, mythology, metaphor, etc.) in order to “see” and explain the things we cannot fully understand or ‘prove’ empirically? …  thereby concluding about events causes and structures that actively build our “spiritual” worldvview?
… call me a skeptic if you will, but there is many a time where I personally cannot shake the idea that even the most empirically educated and enthusiastically outspoken scientist is as driven and filled by “faith” and hopeful blinkered subjective passion as the most voluminously raving faith filled fundamentalist evangelist out there…

… and for us as participants on both sides of the great divide perhaps it may be wise to consider that to measure only the visible superficially discernible bits of the iceberg is profoundly foolish and very possibly perilous as well?


she’s in our country doing her thing at the moment and there’s great commotion this way and that about all that’s happening…

but in reality Gaga may just be far less controversial than we make her out to be?

it well may be that she is merely a representative of the vain plasticity of the world we have created… and maybe she’s no more or less ‘righteous’ than anyone of us?
perhaps when we hate her we judge ourselves in our own hypocrisy…

and when we love her we also judge ourselves in our  addiction to superficiality, mediocrity and vanity?
… more alarmingly maybe we are her and she is us?

and maybe that’s why we love to hate her and we hate to love her… and all other ‘popular’ persona

after all, in the end it’s all about us … you and me… and perhaps we deserve her and she deserves us?

are we able to consider that possibly the only reason she exists is because we give her life and we sustain her present and ongoing dominance in our consciousness?

could it be that we need her as much as she needs us?

and maybe Gaga is not alone?

… there’s the Zuma’s, Malema’s, Obama’s (and virtually every politician and pop celebrity there ever was and ever will be), social, cultural and religious leaders …

… and of course, then there’s you and me