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she’s in our country doing her thing at the moment and there’s great commotion this way and that about all that’s happening…

but in reality Gaga may just be far less controversial than we make her out to be?

it well may be that she is merely a representative of the vain plasticity of the world we have created… and maybe she’s no more or less ‘righteous’ than anyone of us?
perhaps when we hate her we judge ourselves in our own hypocrisy…

and when we love her we also judge ourselves in our  addiction to superficiality, mediocrity and vanity?
… more alarmingly maybe we are her and she is us?

and maybe that’s why we love to hate her and we hate to love her… and all other ‘popular’ persona

after all, in the end it’s all about us … you and me… and perhaps we deserve her and she deserves us?

are we able to consider that possibly the only reason she exists is because we give her life and we sustain her present and ongoing dominance in our consciousness?

could it be that we need her as much as she needs us?

and maybe Gaga is not alone?

… there’s the Zuma’s, Malema’s, Obama’s (and virtually every politician and pop celebrity there ever was and ever will be), social, cultural and religious leaders …

… and of course, then there’s you and me


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