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sorry – I decline, I’m not going, I can’t attend, I’m not signing the petition, no, I’m not re-posting, I don’t agree, I’m not joining, and no – I’m not traveling to New York or London and Los Angeles just to see your band.  I really don’t want to see 1,000 photo-shopped pics of your profile (hell, I’m battling just seeing my own face in the mirror), … and while I’m at it… no, I’m not going to vote for your band. I’ll miss your birthday AGAIN!  good grief, I’m not even sending myself a birthday greeting card or even attending my own birthday … and why should I?

… actually, I’m staying home and watching wildlife programs where a mangy predator with frightening fangs stalks and pounces on poor little innocent, unsuspecting, frolicking herbivores frantically battling to find the last semi-nutritional bushel of grass in a baron wilderness without promise of rain… hang on, that sounds eerily just like Facebook
lion kill

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