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…one of the other things that I think we have been deceived in/by (whether intentionally or not) is that we are told as an act of worship that we must intensely pursue the desires of our “heart” yet from the pulpit in virtually every church worldwide we are essentially bombarded with presentations of sensual gratifications of the eyes of the flesh (money strategies, offered prestige, power (church leadership positions (aka ministry) etc), spiritual and social strategies, promises of and methods towards marriage and personal growth, various spiritual concepts, rights and privileges, etc)…

even from the get-go we are presented with a “gospel” that promises Jesus as our servant – we are preached from the pulpit that “God will give us” … and that we will “be given” salvation for free, that “we will get” eternal life, eternal security, healing, peace, a new sense of community, love, better jobs, more success, etc, etc, ad nauseum) when in reality we have all these things already. … and it is only our blindness and unbelief that keeps us separated from such realities

the real message of the cross to my mind is that in order to be ‘restored’ to where we were previously (i.e. pre the fallen state as per the metaphor of the garden in Genesis) we are presented in the recorded story of the Christ with an example and a teaching as well as a clear methodology to “put to death” the so called “deeds of the flesh” and to walk daily for the rest of our time left on earth with this “cross” on our shoulders, … placed there by ourselves and with the constant reminder of the stench of our own death filling our own nostrils as well as any in our presence

this real gospel is not preached anywhere from what I can tell… indeed if it were it would reap the same reward as displayed in the story of the Christ

… the messenger will be betrayed and crucified by friend and foe alike and at the end will have no followers save a mere few trembling who are the only ones who truly understood anything at all

imagine that gospel being preached every Sunday?



  1. i do agree with you, Lloyd, for the 1st part.
    God is not a magical genie who has come to give & answer our desires.
    That is mere idolatry.
    Nothing different from altars & sacrifices for great harvests & rain.

    I also agree with you about the ‘stench in our nostrils’.

    Every day I see my own rotting death & are appalled by it.

    Perhaps, though, somewhere in all of this, as we come to see our own rot, we can go beyond the death & sacrifice of the Christ.

    Perhaps we could move beyond, to a state of being in repair, as we live through Him?

    Perhaps we could share some of the resurrection, so that the metaphor is not just about salvation, but more about redemption?

    Being redeemed, daily, not unto wealth & health, but unto grace & love & kindness?

    Perhaps …

    • perhaps yes, but is it at all reasonable to have a cancer and to discharge ourselves and walk out declaring our repair and declare our resurrection when the stench of our own decay is all that can be smelt?
      … and how will we know what is real and what is delusional wishful thinking?

  2. perhaps, if we’re ‘walking out declaring our repair’, we’ve not tasted the repair?

    perhaps the repair is quiet, like a whisper, not announced, just present?

    perhaps it is not even recognized by us, but by others, with whom we rub shoulders? others who do not smell our stench anymore … but see something new & beautiful we will always be too blind to see?

    perhaps, we know when (s)he resurrects something new & beautiful, as much as when we smell, but are too afraid to see it & so we embrace the stench, for its familiarity?

    perhaps, the cancer still remains, because we are afraid, hiding, covering the beauty of being.

    s(he) says ‘I am’.

    perhaps when we are, the life (s)he lived & lives & will live, becomes the life we live & will live.

    perhaps we are it, as we’re not in this moment before us?

    perhaps this is delusional, as much as the loud singing & consuming & idolatry?

    but it is more graceful & kind, more bearable …

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