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I don’t know of any other species that viciously and randomly destroys its own kind just to publicise some inane point of sub-cultural political opinion

even in nature one species preys on another species for survival but very seldom if ever on their own kind

only possibly in extreme instances of desperate survival will the predator turn on its own kind yet this seems to be a most salient characteristic of modern humans

we speak of peace and truth, harmony and love, saving our planet and protecting the innocent ones… and if they won’t listen we will kill to make ourselves heard


amazingly it has been suggested by scientific research that even with all the violence in our day we are nevertheless living in the most peaceful of era’s in the history of mankind

but violence has shifted subtly in this age of information and great intellectual achievement

… each and every day corporate business and the pervasive practice of the frenzied global religious epidemic we call Capitalism and Free Market Enterprise methodically bombs us all to bloody pieces as we make the daily marathon to the commodity stores


saying or even thinking that religion is the answer is delusional denial at best

if anything religion is very possibly the seedbed at the forefront of this kind of violent sectarianism and self-hatred


and as far as we know animals are mostly instinctual

we humans on the other hand seem to possess the unique ability to think about our thinking…

some call it our soul, or our spirit

some believe we are the noblest of all the creatures


so we think about things

and we act

like this


and we thinkers decide who will think over us … and for us

we call it Democracy


they say they listen to us, but they lie

and we listen to them

and we copy them

we follow them

we even worship them

we celebrate the greats amongst us

and especially those who commit the most violence against ourselves

and themselves


because violence against one is violence against all

for we all are one


whether we think so or not




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  1. Religion differs from spirituality, and even from belief that deity is part of reality. There are answers in or from deity, but probably not the ones we expect or wish to hear. An existence of deity will not stop human beings from doing ugly things to one another–one who is mature in faith understands this and does not pray or ask deity to “do things” on our behalf. That which we wish to accomplish, we have brains and hands to make so.

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