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Monthly Archives: May 2013


I’ve begun to think that maybe we desperately need to have an idol? … and a ‘physical’ one at that

… that maybe we’ve created “God” in our own image to substantiate and justify our very subjective world views … that we participate in institutionalized religious activities primarily to abate our own insecurities? … to try shift our shaky and subjective views as far away from their desperate subjectivity as possible by joining together with others who seem to share our beliefs … or at least a fairly similar perspective?  …joining together with others who seem to affirm the views and values we hope are true, … those who encourage us and make us feel good about ourselves and our frail choices… the ones we really never chose for ourselves, but that which we picked up from our own social and cultural contexts?

… and that maybe we are indeed profoundly frail … and that possibly we know deep down that our perspective is merely guess work at best

… but this is so extremely frightening for us, … some unmentionable

so we flock together…

just in case?

… and that it’s not really worship of God we seek to participate in and be part of, … but rather a grasping to hopefully obtain a sense our own ‘worth-ship’? .. as we stumble about, trying to make sense of our existence and the meaning of it all


… but maybe it’s all ok?

maybe God’s not so upset about this?


maybe God really is omniscient?

who amongst us would have guessed that?

and maybe God’s okay with it because at least we are searching … and hopefully asking questions?


and hopefully this is true?


… can I get an ‘amen’?


Blind leading Blind


it’s nothing less than tragic to think that tomorrows leaders are following today’s leaders right now…

what was that about the blind leading the blind?

as radical as it may seem to the vast majority of us … perhaps for tomorrows leaders to shake off their own blindness it may well be greatly advantageous to start by stopping, go by staying, start questioning rather than obeying, learning by actively unlearning, programming by deprogramming and courageously walking untrodden paths… and perhaps even to not desire that others follow them at all?

outrageously also, perhaps to radically reinterpret the practical meanings of honour, respect, integrity, ethics, fairness, integrity, honesty, selflessness and dignity as these ideas might also be a most necessary initial step?  …  let’s face it,…  maybe only one in a million of all the leaders alive and active today display even a remote trace of any of these attributes

… and could it be that any righteous leader of tomorrow may well be categorized as anarchical, radical, rebellious and perhaps even profoundly irrelevant and dysfunctional … if judged by present standards?

instead of falling into a ditch along with those who illegitimately claim the high and lofty seats of power and influence in our world today – should we not be thinking of doing another form of ditching?



real makeup 2


the scars of life are real makeup

superficial beautification

and cosmetic surgery

is no more effective than polishing a corpse


turned furrows of pained failure

bring deep beauty to the surface

cracked, exposed earth

ushers in a kiss

…the breath of life


a broken heart

beats more tenderly

and though it limps it knows full well

that remaining untouched and inside

brings no reward


for real life to begin

death must first knock

but if the door remains shut

who can speak of fellowship?


to paint the bows and never set sail

is like locking the rudder

in a becalmed sea

for to be painted

requires the boat to leave the water


rather to have loved and lost

than to live with abandoned desires

rather to walk with a limp

than to run swiftly in half forgotten dreams