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I’ve begun to think that maybe we desperately need to have an idol? … and a ‘physical’ one at that

… that maybe we’ve created “God” in our own image to substantiate and justify our very subjective world views … that we participate in institutionalized religious activities primarily to abate our own insecurities? … to try shift our shaky and subjective views as far away from their desperate subjectivity as possible by joining together with others who seem to share our beliefs … or at least a fairly similar perspective?  …joining together with others who seem to affirm the views and values we hope are true, … those who encourage us and make us feel good about ourselves and our frail choices… the ones we really never chose for ourselves, but that which we picked up from our own social and cultural contexts?

… and that maybe we are indeed profoundly frail … and that possibly we know deep down that our perspective is merely guess work at best

… but this is so extremely frightening for us, … some unmentionable

so we flock together…

just in case?

… and that it’s not really worship of God we seek to participate in and be part of, … but rather a grasping to hopefully obtain a sense our own ‘worth-ship’? .. as we stumble about, trying to make sense of our existence and the meaning of it all


… but maybe it’s all ok?

maybe God’s not so upset about this?


maybe God really is omniscient?

who amongst us would have guessed that?

and maybe God’s okay with it because at least we are searching … and hopefully asking questions?


and hopefully this is true?


… can I get an ‘amen’?


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  1. Perhaps we are already hardly short of idols–the Hummers and Escalades which roll arrogantly down the the most massive paved roads human history has ever seen, for example. Earlier societies, say ancient Egypt, did not make a special distinction between the religious and phenomena of everyday life. If you breathed in, that was god Shu entering your nose to sustain your life. They were correct to do so. To identify our gods, we need only ask what is most important to us. That thing causing our hearts to race and feelings of love to well up in our chests–that is what we truly worship. It matters little whether a god, or the God, is omniscient and omnipotent. Significant is only that it or he or He or She is smarter and more powerful than we are. Blessings to you.

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