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Monthly Archives: June 2013

unquestioned answers


One of my young ones questioned me about the importance we place on planning and time management, on setting goals, on thinking ahead and thinking about things deeply.

“Why do you older guys always want us to think and make plans and be accountable with our time?  Why can’t you just chill?”  “Things are what they are, … why can’t you just let it be?”

I answered,

“One day you too will be older like me and then you will remember this conversation, and I’m sure at that time you’ll see things from a very different perspective.”


“Maybe I won’t.”  he replied.

“Maybe none of us will be here anymore?”

“You say you make plans and prepare for the future.  Then how come is the world in a worse state than ever before?  And why does it seem so highly likely that it’s going to continue getting worse, and that it most probably cannot ever recover, that it’s probably on an inevitable course towards total destruction?”

“Is this what you planned for?”

“Is this what your thinking achieved?”

“Is this what you worked so hard for?”


I remain silent.

It is difficult to hear and speak at the same time.



brains in apes,
apes with brains
no more, no less
no less, no more
when will we learn
when will we learn
that more or less,
less is always more


it’s the unseen evidence that matters the most
like the fear in the heart at the thought of a ghost
the edge of the blade is truly a fear
but the thrust on the handle is far better to be near


in our quest for personal significance, have we opted rather for insignificance?

a year ago an article was published by “The Onion”

“Man On Verge Of Self-Realization Instead Turns To God”,28507/?ref=auto

AUSTIN, TX—A major existential breakthrough was averted Friday when, moments before he had a realization of monumental personal significance, 29-year-old local resident Darrell Gatsas instead turned to God. “He was so, so close to discovering something truly fundamental about himself and his place in the universe, but nope—he went with God,” close friend Peter Rankin, 27, said. “For a second there it seemed like he was going to seriously consider the cause-and-effect relationship of his own actions and elevate himself to a new level of compassion and understanding, but then he suddenly changed course and asked God to swoop in and fix everything.” Reached for comment, God chuckled to reporters that Gatsas is, indeed, a real piece of work.


the Onion ( is hilarious. … a satirical, often tongue-in-cheek, irreverent, often mocking, yet cutting commentary on politics, news and society in general.

I can’t help but wonder how much relevance, accuracy and truth is veiled in the humour in this article?

What do you think?


self promotion

self inflicted praise

the gushing power of vanity
exceeds the vacuum of deeds
and words cascade
over the lip of an empty bucket


oh, the pitter patter

of shitter shatter

as we all pontificate

on what does not matter

potters clay

it is said that we are fearfully and wonderfully made…

what is there to make us wonder about ourselves?

what is there that needs to be feared?

clearly, it is apparrent…

exceedingly more than the eye can see or the hand can grasp

wonder provokes us to reach into the unknown

fear leaves us frightened of that same act

no wonder we build such sturdy, immovable castles