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we are not godly simply because we frequent a church building…
… if we live across the road from a university library does not mean we are qualified to be awarded a degree…

the age of enlightenment

the era of technological breakthrough and instant access to vast data and resources…

we bask in circulated memes and scientific discoveries
… and we continue to expect, even demand easier access to all types of information

… and now it seems that we have come to believe that if we have ready access to all this information, knowledge, memes, wisdom, and all other types of data we are automatically learned, wise and mature…


wisdom is vindicated by her deeds… not by her intentions

nor by assumptions based on self aggrandizement

have we even become so bewitched, possibly even to the extent that even constructive, positive and helpful information lulls us into the same comatose state of incapacitation…

… as all the while we are being set up

… as all the while we are allowing ourselves to be set up…

“I’m your wicked Uncle Ernie,
I’m glad you won’t see or hear me, as I fiddle about…

Our mother left me here to mind you, now I’m doing what I want to… fiddling about…

Down with the bedclothes, up with your nightshirt!… fiddle about, fiddle about…”

(John Entwistle – from the rock opera “Tommy” – by The Who)



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