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Monthly Archives: September 2013

dew bells

morning broke silently today

it left no debris

only the illuminated promises of a new day

heard in the birdsong


and fresh hope

sprinkled delicately in the dew

on freshly washed plants


and our task for the day?

that we may facilitate our time

that when evening falls

we may return the favour


I stumbled off to sleep one day
the dreams came thick and fast
reflections of the night I live
present, future, past

events so vivid, twisted, real
all mixed in detailed mush
fiction science in flat 3-D
like Dali’s hallowed brush

and in a flash it stopped

I woke just as I fell off the brink
I left the world of make believe
at least that’s what I think

so here I am in wonderland
my heart is all a pound
trying to work out if where I think I stand
is really solid ground




they don’t lie, or so it is said…

but they never tell the truth…

they come in groups
they are many
but they walk alone

often merging into light
with amazing subtlety
shades of vague
echoes of the past

they creep up
like party crashers

uninvited guests
uncalled for

indelible footprints on forgotten paths
once walked long ago

not noisy (at least at first)
unprepared for

but soon…
the party changes
it leaves

fun becomes sticky
jokes have more than one meaning

one less clear than another

the other more pressing

statements have more than one state

punch lines
with a different punch
once a laugh at the end
but now

the end of a laugh

much like the hangover
after last nights frivolity
a throbbing head
a furry tongue
a nagging thought
“what have I done?”




we only have ourselves to serve
and others are the means
we sell ourselves as humble souls
at least that’s how it’s seen

the world looks on as we sing our song
and in chorus even chant along

but in the end,
as from the beginning too
it’s all about me,
not much about you


spider web


the beauty of a spider web

is apparent from afar

the closer you go

the less so



i wonder if i made that call

that put my birth date on the wall

some mystical meeting in the ancient past

where plans may have been made

from first to last


the question echoes in my mind

and ruffles chance of peace to find

about good and bad, flow and strife

of the things that fill my lot in life

jumping into a puddle

that which seemed never to have begun,

will seem too,


at some unknown point,

to never end.



but now… is all we have

for this seeming moment,

is an unknown point

to cross paths

which have never before been trodden



so much data,

so little space,

so much info,

so little grace

now I see I never saw
what there was to see before
it had escaped my fleeting sight
my night was day
my day was night
and then it dawned on me one day
that things just look the same old way
until we take another look
at what at first we first mistook
if we can


There was an account I heard some time ago of a step-father who was convicted of sexually molesting two out of three of his step daughters.
After the guilty verdict had been passed the convicted man was asked why it was that he never assaulted the youngest of the three daughters of his now estranged wife. It was apparent to most that being the youngest she would have been more vulnerable physically and emotionally so it appeared strange that it was the older girls who were the victims of his perverted violations.

The simple answer given by the convicted step-father just before he was cuffed and led out to be locked up was, “She said “NO!”