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… for how much longer will we hide behind clever sounding ideas and quotes made by others whom we have only heard of, … and remain satisfied within ourselves even though we are doing nothing at all, absolutely nothing?


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  1. Deep and honest thoughts, this is the exact point I have reached in my life where I keep asking myself this simple question ; “if Jesus keeps forgiving me the sins I commit till I die in my sins , haven not led the heavenly life He sacrificed His Life just to reveal its Eternal benefits to me, would I make it back to God?
    I no more listen to people who call Jesus a Legalist because He Lived the commandments of the Father.
    Merely repeating some words someone else has voiced out does not make us righteous before God, Living the Commandments of God as Jesus lives…..makes us righteous and holy before God.
    We sow deceit and reap emptiness within.

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