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they don’t lie, or so it is said…

but they never tell the truth…

they come in groups
they are many
but they walk alone

often merging into light
with amazing subtlety
shades of vague
echoes of the past

they creep up
like party crashers

uninvited guests
uncalled for

indelible footprints on forgotten paths
once walked long ago

not noisy (at least at first)
unprepared for

but soon…
the party changes
it leaves

fun becomes sticky
jokes have more than one meaning

one less clear than another

the other more pressing

statements have more than one state

punch lines
with a different punch
once a laugh at the end
but now

the end of a laugh

much like the hangover
after last nights frivolity
a throbbing head
a furry tongue
a nagging thought
“what have I done?”


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