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Monthly Archives: October 2013

light and dark are merely shades of each other
if the one is not there
neither is the other

the journey is long
the destination is thrilling
it’s the contrast you see
that makes it fulfilling


sometimes it roars
sometimes it whispers
sometimes it barks
other times it bites



“take your time!”
they scowled at me
but there is so much more to see

my time is all I have to take
it’s mine, you see
for heaven’s sake

so snatch your own
and go your way
don’t burden me
with your time today

wandering 2

don’t give up on the fugitive

we need him

though we don’t know it

for without him

we would never know the meaning of moving on


may the refugee in our hearts

keep breaking camp

may we hear him when we clatter

when we clumsily trip and stumble

over his hastily discarded pots and pans


now cold and stained

filled with half eaten meals

leftovers of dreams we once had


to feel his hunger

the burning pangs of a restless heart

is a gift from God


when making life’s decisions
be sure to use a wedge
there are two sides to every coin
and then there is the edge




the man that was an iceberg

with his life all afloat

bobbing in an endless sea

but alas,

it was just a moat


once upon a time greed went to war with greed
after a long and devastating battle, greed eventually won

there is an ancient African proverb that says,

“when two bull elephants fight,
it’s the grass that suffers”

the wind is howling
the rain seeps through
the birdies are shivering
poor buggers

poems should rhyme
or so it is said
this poem won’t
but it will in your mind


the politicians hypocritic oath:

the dodgefull art of inequantity

when all that is to be gained

is what is in front of me

the more we sing in unison
the less we sing alone
the less we sing the other notes
the more life is a drone