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Monthly Archives: November 2013


it’s the other side
that far away point
which always seems the darkest

light bends
and vision fails
shading turns to shadow
shadow to darkness

to move towards
closer and closer
brings more clarity
less shadow
more light

from where we stand
the far horizon looks blurred

movement is all it takes
not even strength
nor vision
perhaps not even wisdom
just movement


… and in your players and supplications

in all your quest for peace and truth

don’t ask for answers
…because there aren’t any

ask instead for steps to take

for there are plenty of those to go around

it may not be the way you would choose

but the choice will surely lead the way

and if by chance you get there someday

you may not even know you have

because yesterday and tomorrow

will not matter anymore

we find ourselves on a speck of sand
in a vast sea of empty space
no land in sight for light years in every direction
yet how low such insignificance has sunk to
that in our own minds
we have elevated ourselves
as if we were Gods

a scream from within
swallowed while still going out
a solo voice against the wind
ending before it begins

a hollow echo
bread thrown across the waters
drenched and pulp-like
sodden and shapeless

there’s no one to hear
and even less who would listen
so it’s back to the mirror for now

a reflective monologue
scattered in all directions
dissipated even before it gathers

there is only me
I have only what is mine
whatever that is

but I raise my voice
in hope of a response
even an inarticulate sound
that I may know
that against the silence
and just perhaps
that I am not alone

silence is an answer too,
so be careful how you hear
the shout of the violent,
could be the whisper of fear

there once was a man who found treasure hidden and buried in a field…
so he went out immediately and secured a mineral rights patent, lodged a title deed claim of ownership to the conceptual and intellectual property contained therein, posted it on his personal blogspot and sold the link to Google and Wikipedia and the advertising space to the highest paying corporate customers to peddle their consumer items

soon he became very wealthy and was raised high in society as an international celebrity…
… and they all lived happily ever after…

the end.


there was a young lass from Nantucket

who tried to makes rhymes without swearing

she said, “to be sure, why should I?

it’s your mind that’s a sty,

… so instead of being rude, I’ll say “bucket!”“