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personally, I have never placed my ear up close to a fruit tree or bush and heard it groaning to produce fruit…
once the fruit is grown there is no need for specific marketing strategies or active selling techniques, the fruit itself has its own specific place in the greater system and that is that
no consciously prepared advertising slogan, song or dance is necessary

if you have to try too hard to make things happen, you are an illegitimate life form, out of time and out of place, a weed, an imposter, a violation to the natural balance of the surrounding ecosystem you presume to be your home


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  1. But plants do “groan” to produce their fruits and seeds. Fruiting represents a great investment of the plant’s available energy reserve aimed at reproduction, and there is a trade-off since the plant can’t grow as big if it opts for more fruit instead.

    Plants are intelligent creatures, even though they lack nervous systems. They just think a little slower and more carefully than we do.

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