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Monthly Archives: February 2014

to rise above the primitive drives
to leave behind the base call of survival
to walk a path that no other has trodden
a path the natural eye cannot see
a place not defined by conformity
a land of new meanings
where purpose is not measured in material
but where material suggests the immeasurable substance


there was a fool, who desperately wanted to be king …and there was a gang of malicious thugs who had evil plans to put into effect.
there were also the poor and ignorant who demanded a hero to take responsibility for their folly.
so the gang made the fool king, and built him a huge castle, but in order to build the lavish castle, they stole the money from the poor and the ignorant.
so the fool king blamed the gang, but the gang allowed the blame to fall on the foolish king and ultimately the poor and ignorant.
so the poor and ignorant fought amongst each other. …some hated the king who was a fool, but many loved him because he was a fool just like them…

all the while the gang of malicious thugs continued to make their evil plans

inevitable it was indeed
it was destined to happen
the stars foretold it
it all evolved
and behold
we dragged god out of nowhere
suddenly, out of nothing we spoke
and god became a living being
created in our image
male and female created we them
we breathed on them
the dust settled
and god became our convenient being