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Monthly Archives: March 2014


catastrophic death and destruction
devastation even annihilation

creative rebirth and regeneration
life and pleasure

these are one and the same thing
only seen from different perspectives

every act
is no more…
a primitive
desperate lunge for survival

a mourning for failure
a morning of success

a collision of chance
and circumstance

it can go either way

and primitive survival
that drive of drives
justifies all
in hindsight
and foresight

and we will never know
the beginning from the end
though we seek it
with all that is in us
and without


…in reality the people and expense details are effectively irrelevant, if it’s not the ANC it will be the DA or EFF, democrats, republicans, communists, socialists or any and every other party of obnoxious, narcissistic humans, as we all are merely despicable fools…
actually the joke is on us, the “electorate”…and we ourselves are the joke as we continue to willingly participate according to the manipulative, diabolical rules of this charade, which is worshipped by us and what we have called democracy… we should be ashamed, profoundly humbled, humiliated.
we are not a fallen species, we are deceased. .. it is only a matter of time…

so what would be better,
what’s it to be?
to live like a slave,
or to die like the free?

like hanging meat at the local butcher
the flesh of mans morbid absorption cures as it rots
like flies searching for a putrid spot to puke out their bile
and suck it all up again
an infected spot to insert a suppurating phallus
a thrust, deep into rotting flesh
so that deathly life can once again re-degenerate
into vicious morbid voyeurism
stalking spectator predation
a lustful, abandonment of feeding frenzy
public statutory rape
courtesy of the media pimps and drug lords
the perpetrator and the victim blur into each other
while no one seems to mind one rotting bit
and everyone lustfully joins in the orgy
flesh gives birth to decaying flesh
abundantly thriving to die again later
only better then than before
until death itself
becomes the celebrated life we live