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it has dawned on me that’s this pic tragi-comically seems to succinctly capture the full essence of the individual voter…

…let’s face it (you can laugh or cry about it, it’s your call/vote), … individually we’re no more than simply a fancy dressed clown lookalike, oblivious to how stupid we actually look from the outside, yet still faithful to the cause, …so beaten into submission by media bombardment, herded into a conformist, myopic concentration on only that which lies directly in front of our own eyes…

…but boy, oh boy, do we get stirred and passionate about it even though we know not where we are, who we are, nor what on earth we are doing

… and to add insult to injury we are stalked and published on the internet without our  knowledge nor consent, to be ridiculed by all and sundry…
(P.S. see you at the Mall, …we can just hang, you know… walk around aimlessly like good consumers and watch others also just hanging, and then maybe even take a few selfies as we go cast our votes at the polling station conveniently situated directly across from the Mall fast food hall)


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