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Monthly Archives: June 2014

i play music 2

“I play Black music, thank you…”

this is a statement made by a prominent African-American Jazz musician

an outspoken, and as some would say, controversial musician who claims to be progressive, on the edge of new sounds, new musical innovations, new sonic horizons…


can one be controversial, avant-garde, cutting edge and “PC” at the same time?

in politics there are things which are very PC and very un-PC these days… it’s the nature of politics

but can political correctness be anything but conformity? … or a least a form of conformity?

breaking the mold, or molding the break?


to declare, “I play Black music, thank you…” is very PC, very acceptable, even admirable, commendable …especially if you are Black

… perhaps for some, ONLY if you are Black


is it not a politically motivated, politically sustained, politically aligned declaration?

but what about the other colours? what about the reds, greens, greys, yellows, browns, the blues?

what about white?


how PC would it be to declare, “I play White music, thank you…”

… especially if you are White?


how avant-garde is it to say you play anything other than just music?

…unless of course, all we are doing is trying to form another mold?


just words
pretending to be more

empty grunts
clashing sounds
pretending to be full

hopeless words
lying sounds
vulgar burps

like gassed vowels
dissonant consonants
unpunctual punctuation

empty letters
filling space
wasting time

hopelessly wishful
pretending importance
full of missing promises

spitting through the teeth
through snakes fangs
full of hisses

insulting words
truthless tails
yachts without sails

one drop dropped
one flood flooded
one wisp whispered
a shout was heard

hubble telescope captures 10, 000 galaxies in one amazing shot


in science we rejoice and boast in seeing 1000’s of other universes, yet we are destroying our very own planet under our feet… we know so many things yet we continue to plummet ever further into chaos…

in religion we have 1000’s of theologies and spiritual orders,  yet by the millions our very own people are dying, slaughtered, starving, dehumanized, rejected, crushed under our own feet… we are so divinely spiritual, yet we act like inanimate, soulless machines…


are science and religion twin, deformed siblings?

We know the mega-Earth is out there – and its massive | Science | The Guardian.

scientific community admits its 1st real “imaginary friend”

‘we know the ‘mega-Earth’ is out there – and it’s massive’

… no one’s actually “seen it” as such, but scientists at Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics have just announced that they know it’s there…

…in a follow-up press release the cosmological high priest of empirical worship, Neil “da-grass-is-greener-on-our-side-of-the-fence” Tyson, was also rumoured to have said that in the light of this he was once again calling on the mystic/paranormal/religious communities to come to their senses and repent over their speculative, intuitive, unsubstantiated insistence on believing in something which cannot be directly and unequivocally, empirically proved …

… afterwards at a celebratory cocktail party he was apparently overheard also saying, “yes, we’re all seasoned spin-doctors, … but come on, for God’s sake let’s at least try to be more realistic, shall we?”