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Monthly Archives: August 2014

where are the agitators?
those troublesome few who say what we don’t want to hear
those vulgar disturbers
who see our socially acceptable synchronized swimming for what it really is:
the flaying deathstrokes of a drowning species in a stagnant swamp
a swamp of decaying humanity
bubbling in self-generated toxicity
each individual part
a sum of the whole
all joining willingly in the feeding frenzy of the present error
this great and mighty Day of the Lemmings
this holy day of feasting we have brought upon ourselves

we are the faithful generation
and we rise dutifully to the occasion
for we are the Great Electorate
for this is who we are
those who steady the hand of our own executioner
lest he strike in vain
voting in each successor of hangmen
with ceremony fit for a king of kings
and we pay for this great event
with our own lives
and those of our children’s children
in so doing we crown ourselves as fools of fools

where are the agitators?
why do we not hear their voice above the cheers of our own viral reality show
the show of all the ages
“Electorate’s Got Talent”

where are the agitators?
why is their voice not heard above that of our celebrity judge

the judge we have instated ourselves

and who is named “Simon Says”

where are the agitators?

where are they in deed?



peace is not the absence of war

peace is the presence of rest against the backdrop of eternity