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Monthly Archives: September 2014



there once was a time

we know not when

‘but it’s past’ some say

‘will it pass again?’


some say ‘yes’

and some say ‘no’

but even if it were so

we’d never know


for if it passed before

and we missed it then

what chance is there

if it comes again?


then let us hope it never was

so then we still can dream


just because




there’s a virus in my iris

a joke so sadly true

when you try to change the way I think

the truth just laughs at you

the rain, the rain
it piss-ssistently falls
even the puddles
seem not to have walls
the streams are all gushing
and the footpaths are mushing
a pounding clatter as buckets fall
the birdies they quiver
they just hang on and shiver
the leaves have all left
the sun is bereft
the gutters are gutted
the windows are shuttered
“it’s hell out here!”
the droplets muttered


…this is the very real danger of “democracy” – we are beguiled into participating in a process which lies to us from beginning to end, and we can never know who is or isn’t telling the truth…

The democratic “system” plays on the vulnerability of the uneducated, the maliciously manipulated masses at the peril of the innocent and vulnerable. It is never a game of righteous governance, but instead, a vicious game of self-serving power lust driven by unbridled greed and avarice.  In present day democracy the masses are deceived into believing that they can individually and therefore collectively choose and thereby make a difference, when in reality they can never even know what or who they are choosing between or what any of the real issues are.
We really do need to wake up and reconsider this extremely seriously and most urgently…

as beautiful as birds and other wildlife are in the wild, they seem to have no apparent need nor desire to stop and aesthetically enjoy the immense beauty of their natural environment.

instead they seem to unceasingly scuttle to and fro in what can only be described as the frantic pursuit of survival

humans, on the other hand have a heightened cognitive awareness… and we have time,… to reflect, ponder, plan and plunder…

yet we too seem to unceasingly scuttle to and fro in what can only be described as the frantic pursuit of survival

and this time we have on our hands is easily led… astray

… seemingly to devise much more sinister ways to order our frantic pursuit of survival …with which we are kept very, very busy

unless the discontent for the present ‘status quo’ overpowers the fear of the unknown future…

we will never move forward


blessed are those who mourn…

those who weep…

those who hunger and thirst…

for they shall be comforted

they shall be filled


and the light shall see them

and they will reflect the future

on my wife’s birthday



on this, your day…

a day to celebrate

of times gone by

and still to come

of dreams fulfilled

some still to be

of thoughts of what was

and others of what still yet might

reflections towards the future

resolutions of the next

not knowing what might be

but being there still



as far back as ancient history animals like dogs, cattle, sheep, elephants, horses, etc. were being domesticated by humans through selective breeding. the more wild and untamable ‘alpha’ beasts were rejected, usually killed or eaten, and the weaker, more docile were allowed to inter breed with each other.  this of course flies in the face of natural selection as in nature the physically, mentally stronger and better equipped of a species, the leaders and demonstratively dominant usually made it through to be selected by their own kind as prime breeding material in order to give that specific species the best possible chance of survival.
as a result of this human manipulation slowly but surely the selected species temperament changed and eventually settled into a corporative compliant, submissive nature that naturally slotted into the role of that of obedient servants, beasts of burden, if you will, fit only for specific menial tasks and often even specifically bred for slaughter as a convenient food source. the removal or even slaughtering of the superior, more aggressive and dominant in the species was an essential part in the process of manipulation in order for the species to be fully dominated and brought under submission.

yet surprisingly today, even amongst the so-called intelligent and educated of our species, there is still huge amazement and confused alarm at the apparently senseless, increasing violence of police and other defense force services as tools of the ruling  government against the citizens they say they are serving and protecting…



when a whale carcass floats out in the ocean sharks and other predators gather quickly and very soon a feeding frenzy ensues.

in the unbridled lust for flesh and blood often the predators rip also into the flesh of other predators, often their own kind.  …there’s no love lost here, there is also no time for conscientious reflection… it’s purely a game of primitive survival instinct and it’s a free for all.

collateral damage or “friendly fire” as we prefer to call it these days, is a complete non-issue, and is not even registered on the spreadsheet. it’s the bottom line alone that counts and the numbers, conditions and circumstances preceding this grand total are irrelevant.

this is no place for ethics, morality nor civil sentiment. it’s literally a bloody mess. it’s everyone for themselves and the winner takes all.

however, on reflection no one seems to really care much at all as this, to the letter, is almost exactly the same situation and process that is found in normal business practice every day…

just another day at the office, thank you very much… and whether we are willing to face it or not, there’s really no point in blubbering on about it…

I wonder if I made the call

that put my birthdate on the wall

some mystical meeting in the ancient past

where plans were made, from first to last


the question echoes in my mind 

and ruffles chance for peace to find

on good and bad, and flow and strife

of things that fill my lot in life