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when a whale carcass floats out in the ocean sharks and other predators gather quickly and very soon a feeding frenzy ensues.

in the unbridled lust for flesh and blood often the predators rip also into the flesh of other predators, often their own kind.  …there’s no love lost here, there is also no time for conscientious reflection… it’s purely a game of primitive survival instinct and it’s a free for all.

collateral damage or “friendly fire” as we prefer to call it these days, is a complete non-issue, and is not even registered on the spreadsheet. it’s the bottom line alone that counts and the numbers, conditions and circumstances preceding this grand total are irrelevant.

this is no place for ethics, morality nor civil sentiment. it’s literally a bloody mess. it’s everyone for themselves and the winner takes all.

however, on reflection no one seems to really care much at all as this, to the letter, is almost exactly the same situation and process that is found in normal business practice every day…

just another day at the office, thank you very much… and whether we are willing to face it or not, there’s really no point in blubbering on about it…


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