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as far back as ancient history animals like dogs, cattle, sheep, elephants, horses, etc. were being domesticated by humans through selective breeding. the more wild and untamable ‘alpha’ beasts were rejected, usually killed or eaten, and the weaker, more docile were allowed to inter breed with each other.  this of course flies in the face of natural selection as in nature the physically, mentally stronger and better equipped of a species, the leaders and demonstratively dominant usually made it through to be selected by their own kind as prime breeding material in order to give that specific species the best possible chance of survival.
as a result of this human manipulation slowly but surely the selected species temperament changed and eventually settled into a corporative compliant, submissive nature that naturally slotted into the role of that of obedient servants, beasts of burden, if you will, fit only for specific menial tasks and often even specifically bred for slaughter as a convenient food source. the removal or even slaughtering of the superior, more aggressive and dominant in the species was an essential part in the process of manipulation in order for the species to be fully dominated and brought under submission.

yet surprisingly today, even amongst the so-called intelligent and educated of our species, there is still huge amazement and confused alarm at the apparently senseless, increasing violence of police and other defense force services as tools of the ruling  government against the citizens they say they are serving and protecting…


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