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Monthly Archives: October 2014



“rebuke the wise!” they all said

“because, of course we know better”

“when travelling straight towards the sun,

we won’t get hot, but wetter”


but the strange thing about the wise

is that a rebuke is what they love

unlike the folly that we speak

which fits us like a glove



the rebuke of a wise man
is mostly bitter to the touch
but much more pleasant than the fools song
though it strokes you in the crotch
the dance of the mindless
has a catchy tune and pulse
unlike the dirge of the circumspect
which brings nothing but revulse
the frolic of the political fool
simply has no rule of thumb
who would have thought Umshini wami
would strike the choir in the bum

I have no desire to see Oscar spending the rest of his life in jail

however, equal to that, I have no desire for Reeva to remain dead for the rest of her life

but of course, my words will fall on deaf ears

this is our constitutional, democratic rite

and I saw something else under the sun

in the place of judgment – wickedness was there

in the place of justice- wickedness was there

the illusion of delusion, …sneaks up from behind and hits us hard on the forehead, …right about where our eyes are meant to be

one tribe

trying to escape its past,


its future

both in denial…

of themselves

and the other

mud and blame

it’s all the same

but to pick up and run

easier said than done


jangle tangle

rope slope

nicely tight

like when day turns to night

wiggle squirm

bend like a worm

feet floating clear

darkness draws near

the might of the fight

brings dark to the light

some things well hung

cannot be undone


for great indeed is folly’s depth

when measured from within

and from without it’s plain to see

the desperate state we’re in

for when deep calls

too deep it falls

and sediment obscures the view

though the air may appear to be clear

we cannot see straight through

so we strain our eyes

for the space beyond

and it remains vast indeed

but all we see after all is said and done

is what we do not heed

lucidity: that brilliant detour we took to avoid the rush-hour madness that cut behind the traffic via a previously unknown side-road and crossed over a secret bridge, …only to find it ended up being closed due to freak flooding

talk is cheap

speech is free,

we will have our say

in fact, we demand it…

but we will pay for it,

even though we cannot afford it

thanks for your concern

but I’m moving on…

bringing you up to speed holds me back

I hope you understand?

it hit me big

I thought I’d never get up

I don’t know how

but I did

tripping is a daily thing

but stopping is unimaginable

only because it’s too scary

not because I’m strong

so really,

thanks for your concern

normally I’d stop and chat

but I’m moving on…

got to go now