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in my bedside journal
a rough, hastily composed story
of sorts…
perhaps a passing idea?
maybe just a collection of thoughts…
just a dream?
or reality?

in my weary eye was a great savanna
a vast, rolling landscape
multitudes of wildebeest like beasts
swarming in their circular rush
the baying of herds
the honking of horns

like millions of ants
moving nest
as if to escape some fire or flood
but eventually coming back
to the same original place
only afterwards
much fewer in number

driven on by some inner foe
a circular motion
of circular reason
death defying
death denying
or so they think

crossing rivers and open fields
running wild
meekly together

but this time
was different
as if the usual predators were insufficient
the outer enemy
was now amongst their own
the beasts turned on each other
on themselves
nipping at heels
ripping flesh from sides
tripping up
and being tripped
falling, failing
necks to the left
eyes to the right
high and low
at full gallop
pressed in
against each other
no way out
got to keep on running
exhausted fumes
expelled emissions
the smell of seeping blood
burning runners
flayed flesh
high pace
no space
no place to hide

blurred, dusty vision
distracted eyes bulging
tongues swaying in desperate gasps
hearts pounding
ribs breaking
lungs heaving

one by one
they turned on each other

and all the while
the bankers kept account
presiding chiefs
made sure
that no one was left out

one for all
all for none
none for all

and the bankers stood back
and smiled
for there would be another run next year
…and the next
…and the next


One Comment

  1. yikes quite a scary picture Where does it all end, if it continues in this same way?

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